Deana Kardel, a dynamic and motivational speaker and executive coach, regularly presents to organizations on leadership, communication, and executive dispute resolution topics. In addition to authoring numerous articles, she is featured in the book Mastering the Art of Success.

Mastering the Art of Difficult Conversations

Every day we encounter situations where we choose to confront or avoid difficult conversations. Those choices work to drive our career success or failure. In this workshop learn vital communication skills and strategies that encourage healthy and productive conversations, those most vital to growth, success, and satisfaction.

Who Should Attend?

All executives who deliver sensitive, important or critical information to others.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • communicate in ways that result in greater respect and understanding
  • uncover key underlying issues that inhibit or enhance communications
  • deliver information to de-escalate misunderstanding
  • plan, implement, and deliver critical information
  • control conversations to stay on track
  • foster mutual professional regard and harmony
  • perfect the delivery to achieve desired outcomes and behaviors
  • better understand the elements of win-win communications

What Attendees Say:

“I left this workshop with action plans for a variety of conversations that I could immediately implement at work the next day”.

— Director, Silicon Valley Tech Company

“Deana’s workshop gave me more confidence. She helped me identify my natural tendencies and behaviors so that I could engage in more effective conversations.”

— Owner, Public Relations Agency, San Francisco

“I found my authentic approach for giving information and feedback that has successfully influenced the situations and behaviors of others who report to me.”

— Board Chair, Regional Accounting Firm