Many thanks for taking the time to gather all the “business intelligence” data in order to access my client base and the areas in which I need to focus my business development effort. It worked! I’m looking forward to your “coaching” me on an annual basis and thanks to JAMS for having you as part of the team.
Mediator, JAMS

One-on-One Coaching

An effective coach brings out the best in people.

The one-on-one coaching that Eos provides builds upon a professional partnership between Deana Kardel, the company’s founder, and the professional being coached. Deana helps the professional achieve extraordinary results that are based on the goals and intentions set forth by the individual and/or firm. The coaching process is made up of regularly scheduled meetings with follow up actions that focus on the skills and behaviors needed to successfully produce the desired results.

Coaching with Eos has several benefits. At Eos, we:

  • Ensure individuals set and attain personal and professional goals.
  • Enable individuals to stretch themselves and in turn, they achieve more than they could have on their own.
  • Teach the professional how to strengthen their unique personal attributes thereby producing results more quickly.
  • Provide the structural foundation and support needed to sustain and ensure success over time.
  • Assist the professional in building personal and professional confidence.
  • Identify key learning blocks relating to time management, interpersonal communications, behavioral challenges, organization skills, and life balance.
  • Assist in helping firms build a culture that embraces business development and optimizes investment returns as a priority.

Success can be described as the positive the sum of a huge number of free actions for which we are responsible.

Matthieu Ricard

Integration Programs

As a result of change, the firm’s integration process (or lack thereof) leads to its success, stagnation, or failure.

Integration programs are implemented as a result of mergers, lateral or office acquisitions, expansions, or other reasons. Many CEOs and Managing Partners time is consumed during the evaluation and negotiation process leading up to growth and/or expansion opportunities. However what is oftentimes overlooked are the details relating to the follow up and development resulting from such growth and/or expansion initiatives. Yet, without doubt, it is the follow up and integration process afterwards that leads to the success, stagnation, or failure of any growth opportunity.

Eos guides firms through the integration process. As part of the process, a phased approach of strategic choices and initiatives are recommended. Eos works within a proven business model that articulates the precise priority actions that create the conditions and behaviors that foster success when adding or reducing branch offices, practice groups, and/or attorneys.

Client Feedback Interviews

The client’s perception is the firm’s reality.

As a part of helping professionals enhance client longevity and generate business, Eos conducts client and prospective client feedback interviews. Eos also teaches attorneys how to effectively conduct those same types of conversations.

Most clients are willing and eager to talk about their expectations relating to the services they receive and pay for. Clients know what they want, yet some service professionals are reticent to ask for that type of specific feedback. Eos helps to facilitate client conversations by conducting sophisticated client feedback interviews. Theses interviews are structured conversations that are designed to reveal what clients’ want, expect, and value most. In addition to service expectations, the information received also serves as competitive intelligence relating to how and why clients make hiring and business decisions, their perceived industry trends, their communication expectations, etc. As a result, opportunities relating to the firm’s new business generation and expansion opportunities, internal training and coaching programs, branding and differentiation intelligence, and in some instances recruiting programs are revealed thus becoming part of the firm’s strategic growth plan.

Executive Conflict Resolution

Internal conflicts stagnate growth and threaten profits.

When professionals don’t get along, it wastes the firm’s time, consumes and replaces good energy with bad, and is emotionally draining.

Executive Conflict resolution marries the art of coaching and mediation. It is an innovative process designed to resolve internal communication challenges. While Eos conducts training programs designed to prevent internal conflicts, the company is often hired after the conflict has arisen.

Eos’ conflict resolution process involves several steps including: joint sessions, individual sessions, action plans, one-on-one coaching, progress and communication assessments, progress evaluations and follow-up sessions. The key is not only to resolve the dispute at hand, but also to build lasting and positive communication skills that prevent future internal communication conflicts.

Internal and executive conflict coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to develop insight into their personal communication styles and behaviors. The process helps individuals replace habitual and counterproductive behaviors with constructive and conciliatory skill sets, enabling them not only to resolve specific disputes, but also gain skill sot address and prevent future conflicts.

Eos also helps CEOs, Managing Partners and leaders with individuals who are not necessarily meeting the firm’s expectations. This service is typically requested when the firm is contemplating if an employee or partner should leave the organization. It is a highly sensitive, emotional, and confidential coaching process that helps to bring resolution to performance issues and concerns.

Strategic Planning

A firm’s success is a matter of choice, not chance.

Eos works with clients to assist in the articulation and development of their strategic plan. Eos employs a collaborative process that includes a process of identifying the organization’s core purpose and short-and long-term goals. As part of the strategic planning process a timeline with actions are created to mobilize the team towards realizing the firm’s stated purpose and objectives.

Eos’ multi-faceted, highly organized step-by-step approach to strategic planning involves a mix of traditional and non-conventional initiatives that work to build consensus and momentum among management, attorneys, and employees to create lasting results. Eos believes that success is a matter of choice, not chance. The strategic planning process is purposeful procedure that assists in articulating priority and subsequent actions. The process often begins with one-on-one internal interviews, a partnership or leadership retreat/planning session, and a follow up written action plan and timeline.

Keynote Speaking/Retreat Facilitation

The sharing of information and ideas sparks the collective motivation
and inspiration towards forward momentum.

Deana Kardel is an engaging and dynamic keynote speaker.  Her most recent  presentation topics include:

  • Successfully Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Driving Profitability with Executive Coaching
  • Firm Culture and Strategic Planning

Audience members leave her presentations with a sense of renewal that moves them to immediately act upon new learning.  This inevitably leads down the path to new success.

Retreat facilitation and presentations are aligned to client’s strategic plan.   The intent is to provide professionals and executives with the motivation to perform in ways that benefit both their long- and short-term goals.

Each presentation is guaranteed to be dynamic and engaging with a high degree of audience interest and participation. Eos also prides itself on the follow-up relating to what happens AFTER the retreat or presentation is delivered.


Mentoring is at the heart of talent retention and growth.

Eos mentoring programs enable firms to foster leadership skills, retain talented professionals, and boost productivity and cultural utility. Mentoring is a developmental partnership between a mentor with expertise in one or more areas and a mentee, an individual seeking learning and growth in those areas. The Eos Mentoring Program is a mentee-driven process, which focuses specifically on many forms of professional development. This is accomplished through the advice, support and voice of experience from a mentor, who serves as a trusted advisor.

Eos provides the design, development and implementation of a customized formal mentoring program to meet the developmental needs of the firm. Mentoring programs are also requested by industry membership or non-profit trace groups or organizations.